Friday, August 6, 2010

The truth of it all...

I have to confess, I don't enjoy working out, and I love food. I use to be a tiny thing... 5'7" and barely 120lbs. A few years ago I was working out like crazy and uncomfortable at 140lbs while in California and did everything to get down to 135lbs and was content. When I got pregnant back in the beginning of 2009 I was about 160-170lbs and horrified by the amount of weight I had allowed myself to gain and covered up all the time and by the time I went into labor I was 215lbs. Now, 9 months after giving birth... I am 187lbs. I had read all these things about how breastfeeding helps you to lose the baby weight, and if that is the case, I would be scared to know what my weight would be had I decided to supplement!

Most days I have a packet of instant oatmeal for breakfast with some coffee. For lunch I have leftovers or I order a sandwich from somewhere nearby. For dinner I have anything from pizza to baked chicken and veggies. I also admit that I don't work out... pretty much at all. I sit at a desk all day in front of a computer. I drive for almost 40min to get to work, and then almost an hour to pick up my sunshine after work. Then I get home and nurse my sunshine, then I start dinner, feed sunshine her dinner, give her a bath some days... and/or eat dinner myself at that point. Shortly after I have to get my sunshine ready for bed, read her a story, nurse again, and put her to bed. I have roughly about an hour to myself before I go to bed myself... and then I do it all over again the next day.

I had switched back to my hour lunch a month or so ago in hopes that I would start working out again in the fitness room on the first floor of my office building... but I am out of shape and get very gross after a work out and would rather not rush back for another three hours at my desk right after that... YUCK! I know I could take my sunshine for walks in her stroller when I first get home and it would be good for both of us, but I can't see her or hold her when I do that... NO FUN! On another subject, I need to eat better too, with better portion sizes, but I have no clue how to do that and when I do know, I have no motivation to stick to it.

I have really put myself in quite a position and would be happy to be back at 140lbs simply because I have nothing to wear and most of my wardrobe fits the 140lb version of me.

Any ideas? Anyone else in this same boat?


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Jinnia Low said...

Hey there, it's not fun to be in that position. Do you drink milk? I know, odd question. But I read in one of the papers from my ob-gyn that drinking milk regularly can help with weight loss. I don't know, I drank milk and it helped me. Good luck!

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