Thursday, August 19, 2010

Motivation... where are you?

I've been doing great... still have not gone back to my carbonated habit. Even on a horrible day like yesterday when a wonderful icy cold, bubbly beverage sounded amazing, I held off and had an ice tea which is only slightly bad for me. I've had a couple "Mike's Hard Margaritas" a few times this week to curb the stress which is a little too close to pop than I usually like to admit, but since they are about $8 for six, this habit won't last past the two I have left in my fridge that I plan on consuming tomorrow evening to celebrate getting through another work week.

On the other hand, I have not stuck to getting back to working out during my lunch hour. I was really proud of myself for pushing myself to work out Monday and Tuesday this week. I did 25 minutes on the elliptical and 100 crunches. Yesterday was an extremely bad day and without my workout buddy pushing me to go workout with her (it was her off day since she's already skinny and gorgeous) I just didn't have it in me to force myself to go and sweat out my frustrations. Today I was hit with "the curse" and decided lunch was better spent running some errands for the company picnic we are having next Friday.

Will I push myself to work out tomorrow??? I had these amazing plans to go home yesterday, nurse my sunshine, and then let her watch and laugh at mommy while I grunt and groan through "the 30 day shred"... but then as I was driving to pick her up, a little chuckle slipped out as I thought about my oh so amazing plans. I must find where my devious friend, Motivation, has been hiding from me. I try all the tricks to help push me a little more, keep those cute jeans a couple sizes too small out and available, I put a skinny version of myself on the fridge to remind me to eat right... now I need some friendly workout reminders to make me want to sweat and gasp for air as I do exercises that I hate... any suggestions?

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~Dawn~ said...

Your blog is beautiful!! I'm a new follower.