Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8 Days!

I have not had even a single sip of pop since Sunday of last week! I'm so proud of myself! The want for one doesn't really go away, especially when I make frozen pizza... oh well that's one more think I really shouldn't be ingesting so maybe I can solve another problem. lol! I have increased my water intake a bit... though I have not seen much of an improvement of any kind... not sure what I was expecting really... I'm just making more trips to the lady's room. Maybe it's more of a long term benefit... I'll have to keep it up and wait to see.

I started working out again yesterday. I'm not sure I've ever dreaded my lunch hour so much... and I feel the same once again today. If it didn't take so long to see results I don't think it would be so hard to motivate myself.

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HRH Mommy said...

Stopping by via Mama's Little Nestwork. I just became your newest follower.

Well done on taking on the challenge. Don't know how much it helps, but once I ditched the soda, it took a little while to not crave it anymore, but now I'm at a point where I don't care much for it. I drink water (okay, and a cocktail at the end of the day), but through the day: water. I keep a water bottle from Target with me that has a ring around the top that with which I can keep track the number of bottles I have consumed. That way it becomes a bit of a game for me to get to my 2 liters of water a day.

Good luck!!

HRH Mommy