Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day Four... I'm on a roll!

After so much time of my life has been spent consuming this wonderful bubbly beverage... I'm shocked that it's been four days now since I had any pop and it's not even that big of a deal. I did get a headache on the first and second day, but that has to do with the crazy amount of caffeine that is in Mountain Dew.

I'm also happy to say there is no longer any pie in my fridge since I ate the last piece of it last night. Now you understand why I have been able to stay away from the candy bowl when I have had key lime pie in my freezer for the last two weeks! It is a major treat for me since I almost never get it. I didn't even bother looking at the calorie count or fat content... I knew that I wasn't going to have anything else like it for a long time... so I gave into my weakness. Now that it's gone... no more sweets for me for a while.

On a fun note, Sunshine got her first treat this past weekend. I got her some all natural peach frozen yogurt, and peach sorbet. I gave her a small t-spoon of each in a bowl and fed it to her. Her expressions were so cute... strange at first, then curious, then "MORE?" I wonder how hard it would be to make peach sorbet... I make all of her other food...

Sunshine's nine month doctor visit is tonight and I'm actually excited about it since she isn't due for any shots... YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like shouting that with a mega phone right now! I'm worried that it will give her with a false sense of hope for her next appt though, or maybe it's just me I'm worried about with all that. I am slightly concerned about what I will hear tonight, her last appt the doctor made me cry! She told me that I should be putting sunshine to bed at 6pm, even though that's when I get home from work! She said that is just one of the sacrifices we have to deal with as working mothers, and that is what the weekends are for. I wanted to walk out right then, or hit her... especially since they had already made me wait over an hour before the doctor came in for her six month checkup because she was running behind that day... not cool, you can't do that with an infant! I remember I had scheduled the appt to work around her feeding and napping schedule, and of course that didn't work out at all. But my sweet sunshine was still all smiles once the doctor came in, and completely passed out within minutes of finally being in the car.

I can't wait for them to see her tonight... she is growing into such a little doll baby! (Not like she wasn't before, haha)

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Our journey has begun!… secretly though

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