Tuesday, October 12, 2010

slacker beyond measure

So... I have not been going down to the fitness room during my lunch, I have worked out once at home... and I gave up on giving up pop! To say the least I have been pretty discouraged by everything. I am the type of person that needs to see results asap. When I didn't see an ounce of difference in the way that I felt and the extra pounds hanging from my bones after I gave up pop for over 1 1/2 months, I basically figured it didn't matter if I drank it or not. I also just haven't really had to energy or motivation to work out. My daughter is going to be a year old in about three weeks and I haven't lost more than five pounds since about a month after she was born... no matter what I do. At this point I'm planning my own little fast of sorts. Which means I'm basically going to eat a lot less. I've noticed that whether I eat a small breakfast or not, I usually get hungry around the same time right around 11am. So I figure that there isn't really a point in forcing myself to eat at 9am when I'm not really hungry, when I'm just going to get hungry whether I've eaten two hours before that or not. Lunch is a must... but dinner is going to be less important these days since I typically don't get any food in me until about 7 or 8 anyway... sometimes even 9. Eating that late in the day is really bad and kind of sabotaging any hopes of losing the weight since it just sits in my stomach all night... so I'm planning to either eat some veggies, or drink some v8 and be done with it. I am very aware of how unhealthy this sounds, but I'm at my breaking point and I admit it... I need to see some kind of results before I will regain any kind of motivation. Oh... and I'm going back to no pop for most days, but I'm not going to tell myself that I CAN'T have it, but rather, won't have it most of the time just because it's really not healthy.

I have spent the last year not wanting to do any kind of major change to my diet because I've been nursing my daughter this whole time... but that is going to change very soon to only once or twice per day... before bed and first thing in the morning... so I can focus now on dropping this disgusting weight I've allowed myself to gain.

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